Expand Your Offerings with GLCC Co. Fruit Wine & Hard Cider Bases


Fruit Wine Bases

16 Flavors in a simple 1 + 3 concentrate!

With minimal effort and commitment, you can now easily expand your winery's offerings with GLCC Co. Fruit Wine Bases. Our Fruit Wine Bases are available in 16 flavors!

Our Fruit Wine Bases are blends of 100% juice concentrates with natural flavors and fermentable sugars (HFCS). This is a 71º Brix concentrate in a simple 1+3 base - add three parts water to yield a 22º Brix fruit wine base that is complete and ready for fermentation - no additional adjustments required - just add yeast.

This is an ideal solution for those wineries that are looking to expand beyond their current portfolio, allowing you to experiment with new flavors, or unique blends. Offer a seasonal or holiday wine, as well as limited edition runs.  Use them as a stand alone wine, or blended with your own product. The natural flavor profiles are outstanding and bring forward lighter notes typically lost during fermentation.

Available Blends

Apple, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cherry (Tart), Concord, Cranberry, Elderberry, Mango, Marionberry, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plum, Raspberry, Strawberry and Watermelon.

Advantages of the 1+3 Fruit Wine Bases

  • Price - GLCC Co. Fruit Wine Bases are much cheaper than blends of straight fruit and sugar, and much less susceptible to seasonal variation. Pricing for these bases can be as low as $16.05 per gallon - or just over $4.01 per finished gallon.
  • Standard Yields - yields are predictable, consistent and reliable, allowing accurate pricing in advance of production.
  • Availability - products are available year-round, regardless of local crop conditions.
  • Flexibility - create new products that are unique to the occasion. 
  • Ease of Production - GLCC Co. Fruit Wine Bases use HFCS, which is much more readily fermentable than sugar, and requires much less filtration. There is no need to adjust flavor or blend or to take additional steps to make a beautiful fruit wine.
  • Commitment - all of our bases are available in 52-gallon steel drums, 52-gallon plastic drums or 5-gallon plastic open head pails. Minimum order size: 5 gallons!  Samples available upon request.

Hard Cider Bases

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GLCC Co.'s Newest Offering - Hard Cider Bases

  • Ideal for breweries
  • No need to process apples
  • Make great cider at any time of year, regardless of apple season timing or quality
  • Consistent, high quality product season to season, year to year
  • Now you can easily expand into offering hard apple cider, or simplify your existing process with our Hard Cider Bases

Made up of a blend of 100% apple juice concentrate and natural apple essence flavor, these bases are designed to make a fermentable base for hard apple cider.  The concentrate is 68 Brix with an acidity of 2.3.  The 5.8:1 concentrate reconstitutes to a 11 Brix base with an acidity of 0.39, a beautiful McIntosh profile and is 100% juice with other natural flavors.

Our suggested process yields a finished Hard Apple Cider with approximately 5.9% alcohol by volume, approximately 8.4 Brix with 4% residual sugars.  Carbonated to 1.0 to 1.5 atm, and you have a fantastic hard cider!

We also have a complete line of Natural Flavor WONFs - blends of 100% juice concentrates and natural flavors.  These intense flavors are ideal for adding back or boosting a natural fruit flavor into hard cider or beer.

This is a great stand-alone product, as well as an excellent base point for other custom flavors!

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