GLCC Co. was founded by Jonathan Davis (President) and his wife, Lori Evesque (mostly silent partner) in September 1996. The company is a schedule C corporation incorporated in Michigan. The company is primarily a flavor house that supplies flavors to the beverage industry, although we also make flavors for candy and baking. We have a substantial business providing blends of flavors and juice concentrates, and especially 100% Juice WONF’s, which are matches for expensive juice concentrates available at a significant discount.

GLCC Co. is a relatively small company employing approximately 20 people. Sales are primarily in the US, although there is a growing export business to Canada. We ship product from British Columbia to Puerto Rico, Maine to California… The head office and main production and warehouse facility (approx. 36,000 ft2) is located at 39149 W. Red Arrow Highway, Paw Paw, MI, 49079. There are sales offices in suburban Chicago, Venice in central Florida and Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, in Washington State. Paw Paw is a sleepy little town with a very pretty lake almost exactly half-way between Detroit and Chicago, off I-94, in south-western Michigan. The area is known for lots of lakes, rolling hills, fruit-growing (especially Concord grapes, apples, blueberries and Montmorency (RSP) cherries), and the sand-dunes along the eastern shore of Lakes Michigan.

Flavors are the main focus of the company. Jonathan Davis is not only the President but also the chief flavor chemist, and the company therefore has a technical orientation based on matching and developing flavors. Due to long experience and a lot of in-house talent we are extremely good at both matching branded products and developing new beverages for the industry. We also can and do supply both straight flavors and pre-blends, seeking to find the most efficient and cost-effective way for our customers to blend and pack products. This means that formulae we provide are functional and accurate, and that we take on significant quality assurance responsibilities in supplying blends to customers and assuring that finished products which match approved standards.

We really aren’t interested in glossy brochures and marketing shtick. Our focus is to work with R&D and product development departments with our customers, and shave the expense account in favor of the R&D budget.

Sneek Peek Inside the GLCC Co. Lab