Top 10 Reasons to Choose GLCC

  1. Product development: We design products for you – actual working, functional manufacturing formulae and sources so you can make new products or match existing ones. It’s free R&D – and it’s very good R&D too!
  2. Ideas: Everybody’s looking for new ideas, new products to make, new markets to sell to. So we come up with new ideas for you. It’s free too – and there may be something really valuable to you in what we suggest.
  3. Price: We don’t try to be a cheaper alternative but we nearly always are, especially on natural flavors. We don’t want to gouge our customers because we want to build long-term relationships, and somehow that means we can save you a lot of money.
  4. ULTVR.2 Flavors: They’re new and unique, they offer great advantages for shipping and storage, and they’re as good as liquid flavors – but in a dry format. They’re just amazing products.
  5. Bake Stable Encapsulated Flavors: Another dry flavor development – flavors that stand up to baking processes, including a natural replacement for vanilla extract.
  6. Unique solutions to problems: Hey we like R&D problems. We offer products like a whey flavor blocker, a bitterness blocker, a non-regressive clouding agent (ie. it doesn’t go off and taste terrible) etc. etc. Send us a problem!
  7. Custom Juice and Flavor Blends: we can optimize a blend to simplify your manufacturing process and handling and save you money. We can design the whole product and give you the formula and then figure out which parts would be better in a blend and which you can best handle yourself.
  8. Custom Orange Oil Blends for OJ: We match orange juice profiles and make new ones to suit customer tastes. We’ve even proved we can make OJ from concentrate taste better than NFC (not from concentrate)!
  9. Excellent Service: We confirm orders within 24 hours, we keep you up-to-date on ship date, and we offer a standard service of shipment 2 weeks from the date of order for flavors and 3 weeks for juice blends (the extra week is to complete microbiological testing). We also can and will jump through hoops to do whatever we can to get you product faster in an emergency.
  10. Quality Assurance: We are Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certified, SQF 2000CM Code LEVEL 2: Accredited HACCP Based Food Safety Plans.  View our certificate here.  Additionally, we are a 100% Kosher plant (National Kashruth, NK, which is OU equivalent).
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