Clouding Agents


Clouding agents are generally emulsions of an insoluble material suspended in water. In solution they can give beverages a more appealing and natural opacity similar to high juice drinks.

Most flavor emulsions will contribute some opacity to the finished product, and we often make flavors in which this effect is enhanced. We make numerous classical formula citrus flavors that are oil and terpene emulsions. These function very effectively as clouding agents, but have limited use in non-citrus flavors due to the flavor effect of the terpenes. For that reason we also offer one specialized clouding agent that is fairly unique:

Orange Cloud Emulsion (Liquid) 30703.43

A strong, stable emulsion based on orange terpenes. Stable to heat and in most beverages.  

Neutral Clouding Agent (Liquid) 40106.34

A neutral clouding agent that uses Modified Triglycerides (MCT) instead of vegetable oils. The flavor is extremely bland and does not regress to off-notes over time, as do many other oils. There is no weighting agent, permitting either cleaner labels or higher usage of weighting agents in other flavor emulsions, and there is no legal limit to the cloud level. For use in applications where any oil flavor note is undesirable, or where extra cloud stability is required. The cloud is stable in both hot and cold filled applications.

Natural Clouding Agent (Liquid) 40106.42

A relatively bland clouding agent that contains no artificial ingredients (USA - Usage outside of the US depends on approval of damar gum.)  Stable to heat and in most beverages.

Neutral Clouding Agent (Dry) 40106.49

A white powder which will disperse in water with shear to provide a stable, neutral cloud.  May "ring" in some applications.

Clouding Agent, Instant (Dry) 40106.37

A white powder designed to disperse instantly in water to provide a very cloudy appearance.  For instant mixes only - will settle out over time.

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