Liquid Flavors


What We Offer

I know, I know, yet another flavor company… But we really are different. We do product development while the others do lunch. Don’t get us wrong - we like going to lunch – but in the end we think you want great products, new ideas, great service and a good price from a flavor house. Lunch doesn’t make you any money… We also stick to what we’re good at. We do flavors for beverages and candies that taste like the original fruit because that’s what we start with for matching, and we know juice flavors because we make juice and blend it all the time. We do combinations of flavors and juices as well as straight flavors because we formulate every product to be ideal for every customer, and we know how to design finished products, if you need us to, because we’ve had such a lot of successful experience doing just that.

Product Matching

We match products for customers all the time. Since we usually do it cheaper and with better service, we can normally save you money on your existing products. We can also match competitors’ products and branded products to save you time in product development. Chances are we can match a product for you too...

True To Nature Flavors

We do natural fruit flavors that really taste like the original juice because that’s what we target. Coming up with a perfect match for a true juice takes a long time and a lot of sourcing, but there are some products we can offer that we honestly believe are as true as you can come to the real thing – such as blueberry, passionfruit, guava, RSP cherry, McIntosh apple, guanabana, etc. etc.

Natural; Natural & Artificial; Artificial Flavors

Having had such success in making true-to-nature flavors, we were able to adapt a lot of these formulae using less expensive natural components, and/or artificial ingredients, where possible, to reduce the cost but maintain close to the same flavor quality. We can make an unlimited range of natural, N&A and artificial flavors that are very cost effective as used. We supply N&A and Artificial flavors as both emulsions and in alcohol/glycol blends; natural flavors typically use alcohol/glycol as solvents. We can offer products without glycol for specialty products where this is a concern, and flavors suitable for use in USDA organic products. We can obtain Kosher certification on most products, and we can often reformulate products that are not Kosher to make this possible. GLCC Co. designs flavors to suit our customers, so we are often asked to vary flavor concentration, or to design booster flavors to complement existing profiles, or to formulate products to meet new customer concepts. It is in these areas that our commitment to product development and innovation is extremely valuable.

Dry Flavors

Ultra Low Temperature Volatile Re-adsorption (ULTVR.2)


To overcome the known weaknesses of dry flavors processed through industry standard techniques of spray drying, GLCC pioneered a novel approach, known as ULTVR, involving low temperature processing within an enclosed recapture system.

After several years of advanced research, we’re now introducing our second generation of dry flavors, ULTVR.2, which includes a full encapsulation of the more volatile and sensitive flavor notes. This results in a more concentrated product, improved flavor release, and the ability to make dry flavors comparable to alcohol-based liquid flavors for beverage and food applications.

How it works & why the GLCC flavors are superior

Industry standard practices use high temperatures during the spray drying process. This heat treatment results in the evaporation of the flavor components on the outside of the spray dried particles and a significant evaporation of highly volatile chemicals. The effect is a reduced flavor profile with weak or absent top-note volatiles.

The ULTVR process achieves an improved result because lower temperatures are used within an enclosed recapture system, preserving the full flavor profile and minimizing the loss of the most volatile components.

Benefits of ULTVR.2 Dry Flavors

Encapsulated Technology

  • Fuller and more vibrant flavors comparable to alcohol-based liquid flavors
  • Ongoing resistance to heat damage – high efficacy in baked products
  • Extended shelf-life (12 months)
  • Available in Natural, Natural & Artificial (N&A) and Artificial formats

Alcohol Free

  • Eliminates flammability and OSHA concerns for shipping, storage and use
  • Simplifies international shipping
  • Opens Halal market opportunities
  • OU Kosher equivalent with product certification by National Kashruth (NK)

Innovative Packaging

  • Vacuum-packed in 20 lb packages, eliminating risks from moisture damage and oxidation
  • Smaller unit size allows better inventory management to maximize freshness
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