Juice Bases


We make customized juice bases for many customers. These blends are combinations of a range of juice concentrates, acid, color, flavors, vitamins, artificial sweeteners, etc., usually designed to simplify batching, minimize the number of minor components a customer has to purchase and handle, and often to standardize the flavor, color and quality of the finished product by reducing the risk of batching errors.

Nearly always we design juice bases as part of a project to develop a new product or match an existing one. The base is then designed to concentrate and standardize those parts of the formula which the customer would prefer not to handle. So typically the base would include everything except bulk sweetener, water, bulk juice concentrates and possibly acidulants like citric and malic, and be in a concentration of anywhere from 10 to 200:1. The extra cost of purchasing the juice blends is most often offset by the savings in batching, handling, product losses and labor costs.

Many customers would much prefer to put their resources into packaging, distribution and marketing of their products, rather than ingredient purchasing, blending and handling, and customized juice blends from GLCC Co. often prove an excellent means to achieve this aim.

100% Juice WONF's


WONF stands for “with other natural flavors”. A 100% Juice WONF is a blend of Juice Concentrates, Flavors and sometimes citric acid and natural colors designed to look and taste like an expensive juice concentrate, but at a much reduced cost, and available in any quantity and regardless of season.

For example in recent years we’ve seen raspberry concentrate pricing exceed $100/gal, unpredictable and sudden shortages and price surges for passionfruit and lemon, and wild price swings for many other berries. The quality of these products is very inconsistent and specifications vary dramatically for product from different sources and different times of year. Procurement of some more unusual juice concentrates can be nearly impossible out of season.

100% Juice WONF’s from GLCC Co. offer an alternative to these issues: consistent pricing, consistent quality and consistent supply. The cost savings over “signature” juice concentrates can be considerable, and contribute directly to profit or as a competitive advantage.

It is necessary to change packaging ingredient lists to use 100% Juice WONF’s as a replacement for signature juices. However the cost of these changes is almost always immediately recovered by the cost savings from implementing the change.

There are a couple of worthwhile considerations for Juice WONF’s. Some of these blends actually make a better looking and tasting product than the real thing. Lemonade from the Lemon WONF has no pulp and remains cloud stable; the Orange and Tangerine WONF products are similar in price to standard juices but the absence of settling pulp means there is no browning and no off-note development in pasteurized drinks; the Mango and Guava WONF’s are cloudy 65 Brix concentrates with excellent color and flavor, concentrations which are usually only available as relatively flavorless clarified juices; the Watermelon WONF has a pleasant and stable pink shade that cannot be achieved by concentrating watermelon juice.

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