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ULTVR2 Dry Flavors

I know we keep going on about these dry flavors but the hardest thing is explaining to people why this might be useful. Dry flavors don’t have a great reputation: spray dried flavors tend to be weak, missing top-notes, sometimes highly hygroscopic and they never compete effectively against liquid flavors. ULTVR.2 changes all that – these are made at low temperatures that keep all the volatiles and are at least as good as liquid flavors. They seem to actually have a better shelf-life than liquid flavors too, and are much easier to ship and store.

So that’s a lot of what I’ve been doing in the lab. We’ve been testing cookies because we have a replacement for vanilla extract that lasts through the baking process and gives a really strong vanilla flavor after baking, and we’ve been making very bitter solutions of acetaminophen and testing out a bitterness blocker that is a strange blend of flavors that actually blocks a great deal of the bitter notes. There are lots of volunteers to try the cookies and not so many for the bitter stuff! We’ve been making drink blends that we've shown at various trade shows because drink blends made with these new flavors work very well, are much easier to ship and store, and have an extremely long shelf life.

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