Meet the Staff

Jonathan Jonathan, who annoyingly prefers to be called Jonathan and not Jon or Jonny, and certainly not Mr. Davis, is the co-owner and President, whose chief function is R&D and product development. He’s the guy with the bright ideas, who hangs around in the lab at odd hours working on new projects. He is a self-taught flavor chemist with degrees in Food Science and Nutrition, and lots of experience in Australia and the US working for companies such as H.J. Heinz, Quaker Oats, McCain etc. If you need a product developed or matched, or you’re looking for some new product ideas or reformulation, Jonathan is your guy.

Nicole Nicole Charron is our QA Manager and resident HACCP expert. She runs our SQF certification program so that we can meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative. Nicole is a true local girl who survived Paw Paw High School and went to Western Michigan for a degree in Biology.

Tom Tom Manion is our Director of Sales, who works from an office in Elmhurst, IL, which is close to home. It’s also a lot easier to travel almost anywhere from Chicago than from Paw Paw. Tom has been with the company from its inception and is tireless in providing customer service and follow-up. Nobody ever accused Tom of being a technical guy, but then that’s what our technical staff is for, and Tom will track us down if you need us regardless of time and location – and whether we like it or not.

Abbey Abbey Gibson surreptitiously actually runs the company, using her college major in accounting to manage matters financial, as well as HR issues.


SamanthaSamantha Turner is brave enough to take on ordering, scheduling and inventory for us. Remarkably calm despite all manner of crises, Samantha is another local lady from Lawton, who somehow manages three little kids at home and making order out of chaos at GLCC. Possibly the two jobs are very similar.

Cena Cena Burnoski is a Food Scientist from Louisville who graduated from the University of Kentucky and has worked previously in poultry plants and in QA – so GLCC naturally seems a lot more fun. She develops products and flavors and sends out samples and solves technical issues.

Marjie Marjie Haynes handles logistics for GLCC. Shipping stuff in and out often seems harder than making it, especially in winter in MI, so we're very pleased to have her here. Marjie comes from the UP in MI and seems distinctly annoyed whenever the temperature exceeds 70F - an opinion not shared by the rest of us.

Ross Ross Benjamin sells products for us from his home-office in Venice, FL. He started with a degree in chemistry and has over forty-five years of experience in the Florida citrus and allied juice concentrate industries, with positions from quality control to production, sales, marketing and senior management. Provides GLCC Co. with technical sales and marketing support with a current focus on sales of GLCC’s dry drink powders and flavors in the US, Caribbean, Central America and East Africa.

Matt2 Matt Benjamin sells products for us too. He is a graduate of Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. He previously lived in Pakistan, Egypt and Singapore, among other interesting stops in various parts of the US. Matthew is a commercial pilot and enjoys traveling with his family. It’s just as well they enjoy traveling with him too!

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