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Southwest Michigan flavor house specializing in beverages and fruit-type flavors

I guess we can't know everybody in the flavor business, but we're fairly confident that we're the most innovative company you can try for product development, and we're nearly always faster and more cost effective when it comes to making flavors, juice bases, WONF's, and/or matching your current products. The President—who's also the chief flavor chemist—may look weird and sound funny (he's Australian and he doesn't think so) but he's an awfully good guy to have in your corner when deadlines are short, money is tight, and you need some inspiration in a hurry. The headings above will lead you to all sorts of info. about GLCC Co. and our products. There’s a link to a blog from Jonathan to help inspire some ideas – but we're happy to work on whatever you might need right now if you'll give us a call or send an e-mail to

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