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Bakers & Bakeries

We have any flavor you can imagine for any temperature bake!
We’re happy to send you samples and pricing on anything you’d like to try!

Cookies, Muffins, Breads, Cakes …

GLCC Co. offers a range of heat-stable natural dry flavors for bakers. These flavors are encapsulated in a unique process (which we call ULTVR2) that significantly protects the flavor through baking temperatures. If the temperature is too high or the baking takes too long then eventually the flavor will be lost, but these flavors work extremely well for cookies, muffins, cakes, breads and similar products.

Our ULTVR2 flavors give bakers the option to make some really unique products, especially with delicate flavors that normally don’t come through in baked goods, such as lemon, pineapple, mango, etc. We make unusual flavors too – such as “hemp” and bacon, and we’re certainly happy to work on new ideas if you have something different in mind. We can also make these flavors in N&A (natural and artificial) versions if price is critical.

We offer these ULTVR2 flavors in two formats. The standard items are designed for commercial bakeries and extremely strong. They make sense for larger volume production, but the use level is often too low for retail bakers, who can’t measure out miniscule amounts of powder. For that reason we also offer more dilute versions of the same products primarily for retail bakers, with standardized suggested use levels based on tablespoons.

Snacks, Chips, Crisps …

GLCC Co.’s encapsulated flavors have a rather unique attribute as compared to spray-dried flavors in that they have a distinctive aroma, and they last for years. Therefore they can be very useful in hard-baked products and snacks as a surface coating, where they will deliver both flavor and sensory appeal as soon as the package is opened. Our standard list has a lot of fruit flavors, but we’re happy to work with you for alternative items too. Please contact us if you’d like to see some samples of alternative items.

High Temperature Baked Goods

If you’re making high temperature baked goods, like crackers, rusks, biscotti, etc., unfortunately the encapsulated flavors aren’t going to work. What will work cost-effectively are oil-based liquid flavors applied at very low levels after baking, where the flavor can be readily absorbed through the surface. If you have the ability to apply the flavor post-baking, we absolutely have the flavors to make what you need. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to send you samples!