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Find a unique flavor or blend to complement the character of your mead.
GLCC Co. offers extract flavors and juice blends to add to your base to co-ferment, and juice blends to add post-fermentation. Mead-makers often are looking to expand their range of offerings by adding different flavors and sometimes sweetening the mead. You can achieve this by adding flavor post-fermentation, which makes the process very easy to control, or by adding juice blends and co-fermenting, or by adding a juice blend after fermentation to add flavor and back-sweeten. Remember we’re happy to send you samples and pricing on anything you’d like to try!

Extract Flavors

GLCC Co. offers a large line of extract-based flavors which are commonly used in mead, for those of you open to trying flavors. These are 100% natural flavors made by enhancing a base of extracts and essences. So they’re extremely accurate and deliver the natural flavor you expect. They are very strong and cost-effective, pre-approved by the TTB (so we can send you an FIDS immediately), and available in as little as one liter. Because the extract flavors are particularly strong in top-notes and impact, they tend to blend extremely well and complement the mead character rather than overwhelm. You can order them online or we’re happy to help if you’d like to call or e-mail.

Adjunct Juice Blends

These juice blends are blends of 100% Juice and the essence of those fruits blended into a concentrate. You add them to your fermentable base and co-ferment. Since you’re just adding juice there are no added flavors or issues with labeling, and because they’re full essence-returned concentrates, the flavor that carries through into your finished mead is extremely effective. WOJC’s (With Other Juice Concentrates) are a great way to make meads with a distinctive fruit character without having to add or declare added flavors.

Juice WONF’s

WONF stands for With Other Natural Flavors. These are 100% juice blends with added natural flavors designed as a match for the signature juice. They are very consistent and often way less expensive than the straight juice concentrate, and available year-round. Meaderies most often use Juice WONF’s post-fermentation. The juice sweetens the mead and adds a lot of natural flavor and color.