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Wineries & Wine Makers

We have true-to-nature and easy-to-use fruit wine bases, allow us to help expand your menu!
GLCC Co. has been delivering fabulous 100% Juice Wine Bases to wineries and wine makers for nearly a decade, but we also have many other wonderful products to help you in your pursuit of great wine!

Wine Bases

We make a large range of wine bases, which are 100% juice, sweetened and with added natural flavors. They are all 70.9 Brix and designed to be diluted and fermented without any extra treatment, so you can quickly and easily add a fruit flavored wine to your menu.

Use of these wine bases is as limitless as your own creativity! You can co-ferment with an existing fruit base, use our bases exclusively, add them in afterwards to both back-sweeten and add more flavor, or even add them to an existing wine to make a delicious sweetened table wine. However you decide to use them, Wine Bases are a simple and cost effective way to add more variety to your existing wine offering!

Juice WONFs

Juice WONF stands for Juice With Other Natural Flavors. These are 100% juice blends with added natural flavors designed as a match for the signature juice. They are very consistent and often way less expensive than the straight juice concentrate, and available year-round.

These are a perfect way to add the desired juice flavor profile in question without having to spend ludicrous amounts on pure juice or juice concentrate! Because we add flavor back to these juice blends they taste just like the fresh fruit without being nearly as expensive.

Extract Flavors

GLCC Co. offers a large standard line of extract based flavors. These are 100% natural flavors made by enhancing a base of extracts and essences. They’re extremely accurate and deliver the natural flavor you expect, all while being very strong, cost-effective, and available in volumes as little as one liter! You can order them online or we’re happy to help if you’d like to call or e-mail.

We also have a huge “B-list” of flavors (i.e. non-standard) you can buy in volumes as low as one gallon. We are constantly matching flavors from competitors as we are usually significantly more cost-effective, and a heck of a lot more charming! Contact us for a list of suggestions or for your own great idea or any sample you’d like us to match.