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GLCC Co. offers cider bases for pear and apple cider, which you can dilute, ferment out, and sweeten to taste. We also offer a large range of extract flavors you can add to cider, and 100% juice concentrate blends with added natural flavors.

Cider Bases

GLCC Co. offers 68 Brix apple and pear cider bases. These are 100% juice with added essence-based flavors. Cider made from the apple base meets the definition of cider in the US, so there is no additional TTB filing or labeling required. You can use the bases to ferment out and make an excellent cider by itself, at your own preferred level of sweetness and ABV, or you can use the bases to extend your own juice when supply is short or out of season.

Wine Bases / Juice WONFs

Well, cider technically is a wine in the US! We admit we made these for wine but they are fantastic for cider. We make a large range of wine bases, which are 100% juice, sweetened and with added natural flavors. They are all 70.9 Brix. The reason they are so useful for cider is because the combination of the juice and the flavors means they are very strong and flavorful without excessive acidity, so you can add a wide range of true-to-name natural fruit flavor to your cider!

You can either co-ferment with the apple juice – especially if you prefer much drier finished cider – or add back afterwards to both back-sweeten and add flavor and color. Both methods are an extremely simple way to expand your cider range.

Juice WONF’s are 100% juice with added natural flavors, designed as a straight replacement for much more expensive juice concentrates, and usually 65 Brix.

Extract Flavors

GLCC Co. offers a large line of extract-based flavors which are commonly used in cider, for those of you open to trying flavors. These are 100% natural flavors made by enhancing a base of extracts and essences. They’re extremely accurate and deliver the natural flavor you expect. They are very strong and cost-effective, pre-approved by the TTB (so we can send you an FIDS immediately), and available in as little as one liter. You can order them online or we’re happy to help if you’d like to call or e-mail.

We also offer a huge range of additional flavors in volumes down to one gallon. If you have something in mind we either already have it or we’ll make it for you!