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Custom Solutions

custom solutions
We know, we know, yet another flavor company… But we really are different. We do product development while the others do lunch. Don’t get us wrong - we like going to lunch - but in the end we think you want great products, new ideas, great service, and a good price from a flavor house. Lunch doesn’t make you any money…

We also stick to what we’re good at: flavors for beverages and confections that taste like the original fruit they come from. That’s because that’s what we start with for matching, the real fruit and the real fruit juice.

We formulate every product to be ideal for every customer, which includes designing finished products if you need us to. We’re more than happy to sit down with you and discuss what you’re looking to accomplish and work together to find a solution. Yes, we have amazing standard juice blends & flavors that may be just what you’re looking for, but for everything else we will work with you to find the best answer for your new or existing product!

Product Matching

We match products for customers all the time - because we usually do it cheaper and with better service, we can normally save you money on your existing products. We’re also able to match competitor’s products and branded products to save you time in product development, so chances are we can match a product for you too!

To get an idea of what we can do for you, contact us here and let us know about your current projects. If we don’t already have a match for what you’re looking for, we can normally get a match done in no time at all. We can also help boost flavors for existing products in numerous ways; all we need is an idea of what you want, a sample of your existing product, then we send you a revision to see what you think.

Juice Blends

We make customized juice bases for many customers. These blends are combinations of a range of juice concentrates, fruit acids, color, flavors, vitamins, etc. We design these blends specifically for our customers to simplify batching and to minimize the number of minor components they need to purchase and handle. Our blends help reduce the risk of batching errors by incorporating these ingredients into one package: standardizing the flavor, color, and quality of the finished product.

We design juice bases for our customers based on the needs of their projects, whether that means matching an existing product or creating something entirely new. These bases are designed to concentrate and standardize the parts of the finished product the customer prefers not to handle. This means that a typical base would include everything except for the bulk sweetener, water, bulk juice concentrates, and acidulants. Bases can be anywhere from a 10:1 concentration and all the way to a 200:1 concentration.

Many of our customers would much prefer putting their resources into packaging, distribution, and marketing of their products – not ingredient purchasing, blending, and handling. GLCC offers these customized juice blends to provide an easier means to batching and material handling by custom making a product that is tailored to your needs.