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Our products work wonders to make your unique brew even more distinctive.
GLCC Co. offers both adjuncts and juice blends to add to your wort to co-ferment. What works for you depends on your vision for your brewery. If you’re a purist and strictly following the Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian beer “purity order” from 1516, then you won’t be looking for anything to add to your beer except water, barley and hops (and probably yeast, which was included later).
However, it is a fact that people made beer starting about 5000 years earlier in Sumeria, with all sorts of ingredients, and there are lots of natural adjuncts, extracts and juice blends that can help you craft some unique brews. We offer a range of them and we would love nothing more than to get you samples of any of these products!

Extract Flavors

GLCC Co. offers a large line of extract-based flavors for beer if you’re open to trying flavors. These are 100% natural flavors made by enhancing a base of extracts and essences. So they’re extremely accurate and deliver the natural flavor you expect. They are very strong and cost-effective, pre-approved by the TTB (so we can send you an FIDS immediately), and available in sizes as little as one liter. You can order them online or we’re happy to help if you’d like to call or e-mail.

These extract flavors are incredibly easy to use and are added post-fermentation. You can either use them to incorporate a new flavor note to your brew or to enhance the flavor if you’ve fermented with fruit, coffee, vanilla, etc. These flavors work wonders to make your desired flavor much more distinctive!

Our flavors are very useful for making fruit beers without worrying about acidity or high cost, for top-noting IPA’s without excessive dry-hopping, for adding an oak-aged note without having to barrel age for months, and for cost-effective natural vanilla notes in porters and heavier brews. Or for making your own creative flavor combination!

We offer way more flavors than what we have listed – literally hundreds of them, so if you have a unique item in mind, get in touch with us please. We offer a huge range of flavors in volumes down to one gallon and we’ll develop flavors for you too. We are constantly matching flavors from competitors as we are usually significantly more cost-effective, and a heck of a lot more charming! So if you’re looking for a crazy flavor or a match of a product, we’re the best place to start your search!

These flavors also work perfectly for the newly emerging hard seltzers, so if you’re looking for a way to add a range of new beverages for your thirsty patrons, we’ve got you covered! With our hundreds of flavors we can be sure to help you make a unique beverage that will quench even the pickiest of thirsts.

All of our flavors work wonders for non-alcoholic beverages as well, so if you’re looking for a new house crème soda we’d be happy to help you develop just that!

Adjunct Juice Blends

These are blends of 100% Juice and the essence of those fruits blended into a concentrate. You add them to your wort and co-ferment. Since you’re just adding juice there are no added flavors or issues with labeling, and because they’re full essence-returned concentrates the flavor that carries through into your finished beer is extremely effective. Our Adjunct Juice Blends are a great way to make fruit beers with distinctive character without having to add or declare added flavors!

Clouding Agents

GLCC Co. offers a range of both liquid and dry clouding agents to enhance the appearance of your products and to provide stable clouds. Some brewers have found these useful in helping their products stay cloudy after packaging, as these clouding agents are shelf stable! We even have clouds that have no aroma and are all natural, so you can add it to your beverage without worrying about it changing the flavor profile of your delicious brew.