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Hard Cider Bases

Hard Cider Bases
This is a great stand-alone product, as well as an excellent base point for other custom flavors!
Made up of a blend of 100% apple juice concentrate and natural apple essence flavor, these bases are designed to make a fermentable base for hard apple cider.
The concentrate is 68 Brix with an acidity of 2.3. The 5.8:1 concentrate reconstitutes to a 11 Brix base with an acidity of 0.39, a beautiful McIntosh profile and is 100% juice with other natural flavors.
  • Ideal for breweries
  • No need to process apples
  • Make great cider at any time of year, regardless of apple season timing or quality
  • Consistent, high quality product season to season, year to year
  • Now you can easily expand into offering hard apple cider, or simplify your existing process with our Hard Cider Bases

Our suggested process yields a finished Hard Apple Cider with approximately 5.9% alcohol by volume, approximately 8.4 Brix with 4% residual sugars. Carbonated to 1.0 to 1.5 atm, and you have a fantastic hard cider!

We also have a complete line of Natural Extract Flavors, pre-approved by the TTB - and ideal for adding back or boosting a natural fruit flavor into hard cider or beer. These are true-to-name flavors based on extracts and essences. You can make a great range of ciders by adding these extract flavors to your apple cider base.