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Juice & Beverages

We’re competitive on pricing and very fast in matching!
GLCC Co.’s specialty has always been in the juice and beverage industries, and we have both matched and formulated blends and flavors for hundreds of products on the market. We make flavors, proprietary juice and flavor bases, standard juice/flavor blends to replace expensive concentrates (Juice WONFs), clouding agents and orange oil add-back systems. Please contact us about your project, and remember we’re happy to send you samples and pricing on anything you’d like to try!

Juice WONFs

Juice WONF stands for Juice With Other Natural Flavors. These are 100% juice blends with added natural flavors designed as a match for the signature juice. They are very consistent and often way less expensive than the straight juice concentrate, and available year-round.


GLCC Co. offers a large standard line of extract-based flavors. These are 100% natural flavors made by enhancing a base of extracts and essences. So they’re extremely accurate and deliver the natural flavor you expect. They are very strong and cost-effective, and available in as little as one liter. You can order them online or we’re happy to help if you’d like to call or e-mail.

We also have a huge “B-list” of flavors (i.e. non-standard) you can buy in volumes as low as one gallon. We make emulsions for cloudy products, we offer natural and N&A (Natural & Artificial) products, and we are constantly matching flavors from competitors as we are usually significantly more cost-effective. Contact us for a list of suggestions, or with your own great idea or any sample you’d like us to match.

We also make proprietary orange oil add-back systems for customers looking to standardize or match the profile of 100% orange juice. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific profile.

Proprietary Blends

GLCC Co. makes a lot of proprietary juice and flavor blends for customers to match specific profiles, and particularly to match branded products. We’re competitive on pricing and very fast in matching. Please contact us to see what we can do if you have such a project.

Clouding Agents

GLCC Co. offers a range of both liquid and dry clouding agents to enhance the appearance of your products and to provide stable clouds.